Converse Chuck 70 Mule Is Now Available in the PH

Converse Chuck 70 Mule Is Now Available in the PH

(SPOT.ph) Picture this: You're rushing out of the house to make it to the appointment that you know had, but failed to get ready for at a decent hour. Your outfit is on point, your makeup is snatched, your purse has all the essentials, and now all you need to do is put shoes on. To save time, you aggressively shove your feet into your go-to sneakers, stepping on the back of the shoe in the process. Now you're running to your car with half-worn shoes that have damaged back linings. Sound familiar? If you're looking for a way to avoid this problem—without having to start getting ready earlier or opting for different types of footwear—we recently spotted a pair that may be right up your alley. Say hello to Converse's Chuck 70 Mule, a slip-on version of the classic lace-up sneaker.


Converse Chuck 70 Mule Is Now Available in the PH

In case you're unfamiliar, a mule is a type of shoe that has no covering or constraint around the foot's heel. That means no fuss, no tying shoelaces, and no struggle to take them on or off.  Mule versions of popular kicks are nothing new—Nike and Adidas both have their own takes on the style. Now, you can rock the fuss-free style on a Converse shoe.

Though the Chuck 70 Mule has no back covering, you still get that same laid-back, vintage look complete with all the elements the pair is known for—the fabric upper, the white laces, the rubber sole, and the shell-like toecap. The only difference is that you’ll be able to wear the shoe with more ease and you can even avoid blisters and chafing on the back of your foot. You can get the slip-on pair in two colors: Egret and Black.

Check them out:

Chuck 70 Mule in Egret (P3,990)  PHOTO BY CONVERSE

Converse Chuck 70 Mules are available on Lazada